Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Buck

It's so amazing how in a split second you could miss something. From the corner of my right eye I could see something. I slowly turned to catch a beautiful buck, on a mission,trotting ten feet, from woods to woods, never stopping to graze. I'm hoping he makes a second appearance. His rack was tight, maybe 8 plus points.

Please Forgive Out of Order

Please forgive out of order posts. I noticed they didn't publish, so I just published them. Thought they'd go in order of posting, but I was wrong.

Sunday Fun Day

We played some more today. We went to the Texans game. 
Went to the pre-game. 
Went all Texan. Today was dedicated to Breast Cancer Survivors.
Halftime hoe down with the Aggie Wranglers.

An hour to sunset. My ear is killing me! Tried capturing two rabbits and a squirrel, but don't know if this thing can zoom. No wifi out here.


This thing is amazing. Let's see of I know what I'm doing. Hopefully I'll remember to turn on.

I'm In

This is the moon this am. Full-not a good sign, but the wind is at a stand still and the air is cold at 48 degrees. Had to bring out the wool cap and gloves.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Not seeing a darn thing. I'm started to get a chill and oh, my sinuses.
Temp is going down quick. Had to put my flannel pullover on. Nothing yet.

I'm In

I'm in. Crockett put in this new bow holder. Bow sits too low. I tried using tool. He stripped one side. Other side of tool too short, and he tightened too tight.

Waiting on the Weather

Rode up to property last night with a full moon. Woke up this morning thought it rained last night. Bright as day,windy at 6 AM decided to go back to sleep, since Crockets prediction was a fed all night.

Turned out to be a nice day took a walk and added SD cards to cams.
Had this for almost a year and finally broke the seal. I have a habit of doing this. I had an iPod that I had for two years, and had to take it into the shop for a new $60 battery. Crockett gets upset when I don't use his gifts. I like saving them for a special occasion. I know it sounds crazy, but it's a habit of mine. 
It's charging now so hopefully I can use it tonight as I'm hunting and I'll see if it works. it videotapes what I'm seeing. Hopefully, I can capture some good video tonight. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Final Adjustments

With adjusting my site
Then adding one new bottom brush.
Produces bliss.
And more happiness.
Bring it on.

Practice Makes Perfect

Making sure I'm getting it in before I get out this weekend.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rain Out

Fifty percent chance of rain, more like a hundred. It's been raining on and off all day making it impossible to hunt. The humidity is high and the weather is hot. So we took the weekend off and played. I l lost in a game of pool. 
The rain gave us a reason for B & B.
And this picture shows who does such amazing things. There's always a silver lining. You just got to be looking for it.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blue Jay, doves and a few others enjoying breakfast.
Wind has slowed down a bit. I'm probably out here another twenty minutes. This will be my last hunt of the day.
I guess I'm camouflaged well. Little bird right above me.
I know the season has just begun, but I need to complain. One-I'm not ready for the cold. Two-if I were the people who made stands I'd make them girl friendly. Umbrella of some sort, plush waterproof seating, reclining chairs, and a foot rest. Now, what guy wouldn't want that? As the season goes on you will probably hear more requests for comfort.
Wind has picked up significantly. I doubt they'll be any action until this dies down.Looks like winter. I'm glad I wore my long johns.
Rainstorm came in last night which would keep them from feeding. Cold front blew through, dropping temperatures to fifty-nine degrees. I'm in layers. It should be a very active morning.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Video From Blind

Video From Blind

Video of Teenage Deer Love

Teenage buck & doe, ah young love.(Rudolph & Clarece)
We saw 8 deer out feeding today in this heat, very unusual. I doubt I'm seeing anything tonight. Twenty-five minutes left until sundown.
Okay, bet this sucker hurts. Some type of mutant Texas ant.
There are going to be grate marks on my butt. And no, this time a picture will not be posted.
I should've stayed in first food plot stand, boring.
Something has been sleeping in my bed.

I'm hoping raccoon.
This is my back rest.

Ugh, I need a chair pad.

Finally in. Different stand. Thought it be cooler. No luck, dripping like a ice cream cone.
Omg, family came to visit. Hopefully, I'm getting out this afternoon. Crockett saw seven today. I finally saw one riding on the four wheeler.
I'm giving it 5 minutes. I'll see you guys around 4-4:30 CT.
The only thing moving here this morning are cardinals. Amazing how many there are.
Ugh, this is painful. This is the downfall of this property. If you're on a lease you know that at least a small group of deer will be attending your area. We have 115 acres, not properly fenced and rare to see a group of deer.
Deadsville so far. A crow, a rabbit and five thousand Mosquitos. I'm guessing in 15 minutes Barbie will arrive. Yes, I name them. She looks very skinny. Crockett says leave her be. He thinks there's not enough meat on her or she's sick. She's so tall and skinny. That's why she's a Barbie!
Crockett not out hunting today, hates weather. He tells me just now he's at the cabin and sees two deer, one doe and a young 8 pointer, not legal in the horse corral. Wtf?
Really? It's raining.
Good morning!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Going to call it a night. Sunrise is 7:16. Be back here at 6 am. I'll be in the stand by then at a nice 72 degrees.

Twenty minutes left before sundown. I doubt she's coming back.
I wonder if I should just practice on rabbit.

I see on the hunting shows that girls miss all the time. angry right now.
Hoping she's hungry enough to come back. I saw her here last time. Man my heart was pounding outside my chest.
I could've slept in tomorrow!
I MISSED! That would teach me. I really needed to get in more practice than I did. She was a good size but very thin. I could see ribs. I need to aim lower than on the mark.
A doe in the house!

She smells me!

Lots of them.
We are beginning sundown.

Deer 1-Does she realize we can see her a mile away with those diamond studs in her ears?
Me: Oops!
Changed again. Only in Texas.

Lol. Weather made a complete change. I think it's starting to rain.

Meet my friend
Deer 1: You see that crazy chick in the tree? Deer 2: She must be sweating bullets.
Deer 1: lol, Doesn't she realize we don't come out in the heat of the day?
Deer 2: Maybe if we wait long enough she'll leave.
Deer 1: Late dinner sounds great.
Oy, 4:15. Thought I've been sitting here an hour already. I think I'm just delirious.
Umbrella, umbrella, umbrella. People that make tree stands would make a killing...from me. We should really rethink this stand.

I'm literally melting. Sweat is just pooling to my seat.
Omgosh, just got up in stand. I'm going to die. My eyelids are sweating. 84 degrees, feels like 104.


Tree down

Our lake is cleaned and filled.

Finally, getting out to bow hunt this afternoon around 4 CT. Crockett won't be here until 8 pm. He wanted to know if I shot a deer how I'd get it to the processors. I said bed sheet, but really that's only going to get me to front door. I hope to have such a dilemma later on today. Meet me out there in 2 hours and hang out there until sundown.
Missed Wednesdays post due to a little R&R.