Wednesday, November 30, 2011


According to scientists there are how many sub-species of Whitetail deer?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crockett just text hot a doe. Heard shot almost fell out of the chair.
30 minutes left.
Finally, he said it was the guy next door. Whew.
Something crawled up my pants, slapped it, moved, slapped it, on my knee, squeezed the big thing. So disgusting. I don't even want to know. Still no word from Crockett. I cant get down to look!
Big rain cloud. Oh, no!

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It being so warm I know he'd want to get to the processors quick. Haven't even heard him starting the four-wheeler.
Text Crockett three times asking if he's okay. No response and I can't get off this stand by myself!
Second shot on Crockett. What the heck? now I heard a third shot!
Crockett shot something!

Guess What?

Doing a Sunday evening hunt. Just got in stand. New view, no food plot, just a lick.

See The Damage

Cam caught one vulture picking at it. Batteries went dead. Darn. Amazing on what's left.

Top jaw, look at those tusks.

Bottom jaw. He needed a dentist.

Can make a rug put of this.

No clue. Any guesses?

Do You See It?

No it's not Beau. No it's not Jack. I believe Crockett has OCD. He will deny it. It's a new horse! Yes, didn't even ask. THINKS, he has Jack sold. Bought a new Sorrel named PJ. Not happy(me). He should've sold Jack first. His excuse, "wanted one that he's not afraid to put anyone on". Do you hear me screaming.

Second done. Warms up the room.

Look at Crockett go!

Love my new blanket pine benches!

Who wants to sit here. First curtain up!

Going to put inside benches together and hang curtains.

Well, I guess I'm glad I got one yesterday, b/c for Crockett and myself this is a bust.
Ooops, bored, sorry. Bored and tired.
Crazy bored, crazy board

Crockett just saw a yearling than a Bobcat. Watch out baby doe!
This stand is nothing more than a squirrel sanctuary. Nothing to eat on but acorns. I just don't think it's enough to bring them in!
 Do you see there creatures on the log. They're characters.
Ah...7:00 and breakfast, leftover Mentos. What they're fruit flavored.
Squirrels are fighting like children. Stop that you two!
In the tall sanctuary tri-pod stand that I've had no luck on. I'll even love a hog!
And the morning begins it's song. Balmy windy and warm.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just found out Crockett was joking about big buck. Maybe tomorrow!

Just took her to the processors, Summer Sausage & Back Strap.
Shot biggest one. I think she's down. Heard the scramble.
Same does came back.
Should I be jealous? Crockett tells me he has massive buck at his stand.
Again with the insects. Just had a zebra colored spider on my knee. What the heck this is not a ground blind!
They were very spooked with this wind. Seconds they came in tail went up and they ran.
Omgosh, I silently screamed. I look from my cell b/c I had something crawling toward my neck from my shoulder. I think it was one of those African ants. He was at least a half inch long. His pinchers were huge! I think I flicked him off. Don't know if I did. Can't find him. I believe it's coming off this darn tree. Omg, two does!
Someone should be making a deer stand with a lumbar in the seat. oh, the pain, the pain.
My view
Very windy.
I'm in. At lakeside food plot. Last three times saw nothing in tri-pod sanctuary, so I thought I'd try something different. Maybe it'll change my luck. Only this weekend and next to shoot a doe. Can't shoot one after the 27th of this month.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Off to BRR in the am. Will do an afternoon hunt after some painting and curtain hanging. So come along, live, while I'm texting my hunt around 3:00. Then out for a morning hunt on Sunday. See ya then!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Whitetail deer reaches sexual maturity at the age of 12 months.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


How long before a Whitetail deer reaches sexual maturity?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

We're done. Sorry.
Crockett has mama and two babies. What gives?
Bagel, bagel, bagel.
Think those three does stopped for some coffee somewhere. And where is that spider?
I'm hungry. I need some gum. Oy, my back hurts. I'm bored. Do I sound selfish?
Weather's changing. Looks like showers. Temperature cooled down some; glad I have my fleece!
Crockett let them go! Tells me three does are coming my way. We'll see.
Lucky Crockett, he has three does in front of him. Should hear a fire shortly. Told him he better wait for me to find her!
Bald eagle caught flying around in the sky. 
Not seeing a thing drives me crazy! I'm watching acorns fall! And squirrels mocking me!
Where did that spider go?!
About 4 shots have gone off this morning. One of them sounds close. Could've been Crockett!

Look who's come to hunt with me this morning. You okay
Got Crockett to put out some C'mere Deer. I hear a lot of acorns dropping. Yum.
Little late getting out this a.m. Didn't dress right, thermals, fleece jacket, pants. Whether is balmy, light breeze. Definitely not fleece weather!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Things are getting too dark. Bummer.

Now I'm starting to think, it was easy up but how am I getting down. Crockett!
Sounded hoggish, but maybe I was hearing things with this wind.
I hear something.
Sun is going down quick!
The night is starting to sound in.
Wake me if you see something.

What deer would come out with this wind? I wouldn't.
Bored. Need Tylenol. My butt!
Aren't these pictures cool?

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I'm in....MY NEW TRI-POD TREE STAND! My knee did well. Got scary the last two steps. You can tell a storm is brewing somewhere, the wind is BAD! The only good thing is that this area is not open, fully wooded. So we just might see something.

Off to Broken Road Ranch

Will head to BRR and get out for an afternoon hunt today! Maybe a tree stand this time; my new one!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Here you go, our first of many. Crockett figured how to use his cell. 

Crockett Got One

Crockett left this afternoon.Went on the stand until dusk. Was about to get off and noticed a black something go across the food plot in the black stand. Viewed through scope to find Big Daddy hog. Shot him. Crockett doesn't know how to send a picture of the large animal. He said it filled the tractor's bucket. Will check it out tomorrow and send picture. Kind of eerie to know they're coming out at dusk when we're just about to get off stand. Makes for a possible confrontation.
Congrats Dee! I love my scope and hope to get out there tomorrow afternoon and a Sunday hunt. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Left with no deer this weekend. Little buck never came by. Hog trap was empty. Crockett said the smell of the newness needs to go away before try attempt entry. We will not try to trap any while we're away for the week. Right now Crockett and the two youngest boys are fishing. Tristan, 10, caught a 3 pound bass. I'm resting the leg. Got a few good cam pictures I will post this week.
Yeah, not.
Crockett just text me a four pointer was coming my way!
Crockett says this was the only real chair I could use that was stable enough for my bum leg, really. More like torture.
I don't think the deer got the memo of time change. Still seem to be sleeping.
Can't handle this. I have checked Facebook and profiles. On level 11 of Diner Dash, checked emails and wished my kids a good morning. There better be some hogs in that trap!
I cannot believe there is nothing out here again!
Crockett just saw a small buck with one of his antlers broken off.
Who knew Mentos has a very noisy wrapper.
Leg was painful last night. Knew going out today was iffy. But couldn't resist. I'm going to pay for this. Got out here major late. But I'm here. Birds are letting me know morning has begun.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh wait...oh it's a cute fat rabbit.
Ok, can't see much anymore. I'm out.
Saw a lot of action on the cams around 7-7:15.
Ok, doves just scared the bageezerds out of me!
If no deer I better get a hog!
And I am sure my doctor is against me sitting on end in a stand.
Ugh...I can't believe I'm not going to sleep in tomorrow morning since I can't get a shooter tonight! I hate the cold mornings.
Getting dark, quick. Another hour of light.
Got some jerk target shooting in the distance. Oh, that's not going to scare the deer away, hello!
Right now it's just me & a fly-not legal size.
Asked him why he didn't take one. It was a mama & her two babies.
Crockett has 3 does and a 4 pt.-not legal.
This why I hate ground blinds. The sun makes it so difficult to see out of!

Omg, my back. If I showed you what I'm sitting in you'd crack up.
Crockett's going for blood today.
My daughter and I are writing by text, one liners for a made up poem, as I wait.
Now two hours of just waiting. Wind has picked up greatly.
New view from my ground blind(food plot-lakeside).

Crockett moving my stand.

Can you see him?
And here we go, please, please!
We put new sd cards in cams. Waiting for Crockett to get done with chores. I'm now on leg machine, needing it.
It's one of our kids. Lol
Oh look we caught something already in our hog trap!

Well, Crockett has two deer @ the black enclosed stand, second food plot. Maybe I'll see something after all.
My morning hunt-disappointing. Hardly slept last night was so excited! Hate when I see nothing. Now for some warm java.
9, 10
Shot 8!
Maybe they're there and I can't see them through this netting. Lol
Shot 7 and I've seen nothing!
No tissues, but fleece gloves help greatly!
Wow, 6th shot with some big barrel, loud!
That freaking one crow invited 100 of his friends! Food plot is full!
Now this is when I get aggravated. 4th shot fired, 5th shot seconds later. Just would like to see something!

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3rd shot fired. So I know they're moving now.
Had my first visitor, a crow-eating at my corn!
1st shot of the morning, not mine. Quick 2nd shot came in, think their first shot was a miss!
Three disadvantages to today's hunt.

1-hate ground blinds, can't see a darn thing through these nets. Love a nice stand in a tree where I'm out of the way.

2-this stupid single pole rifle holder. Went through four stores(Gander & Academy), no tri-pods. Never had to use one of these.

3-need I say more. Hopefully, I won't be stiff after this. Plus, I WANT to search the woods if I get something!
And nature finally sounds off.
Oh, my butt is soaked. Never checked chair. Thought this ground blind didn't leak. Wrong!
It's so quiet I can hear my eyelashes when I blink!
That damn feeder, almost fell out of my chair! Pitch dark right now and cold. Sunrise @ 7:30.
Crockett gets me out here and I'm all excited. Before he leaves he tells me don't go for a doe this am b/c the hog trailer is still in the back of the truck. Hell no I say. He says buck only. Then why would I be losing my beauty sleep right now! Does he remember my leg clot? Can't sit for long periods of time! Hello!
And here we go, crutches and all.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Off to BRR

Let's see. Will I be hunting? Let's see how the leg will do? Going to try to get out in the am. Don't forget to follow early!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Look At Our Problem

I think Checkers has been geting busy with Big Daddy here. Look at those babies! They are destroying all of our food plots, rooting up our roads to bathe in. We hopefully will be catching some this weekend! And I'm going to hunt!! Even with a bum knee. Going to have to be in a ground blind. Drats!

Welcome Ben G.!

Glad to see a new follower and taking a stab at my Big Buck question of the week. Congrats to Brook and Ben G. for their input. Ben you're on the board!

Bucks loose 25-40 percent of their body weight during the breeding season. The bucks tend to look run down and beat up during this time. As the rut passes, their swollen necks return to normal size and their interest in does passes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Bobcat At Broken Road?

Look what our cam caught last weekend at our protein feeder.


Bucks lose what percentage of body weight during breeding season?