Monday, October 29, 2012

I guess I need to clarify the butt. It was the butt of a deer.
So Crockett and I ended the hunt with coffee on the porch. From behind him over the bridge I see a butt cross. Minutes later another doe crosses! So upset, I got myself packed up with my bow and was going after them on foot. Went to get my now when the doe eyes me, tail went up and she ran. I got my bow, and began walking toward bridge when the next doe pops out. I was unprepared. He tail popped up and she was off. I set out on foot for an hour and a half with no luck. I think they're watching us!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

12 hours and not one sighting. Not much of a reward for frost bite. Coyotes were screaming earlier, wild sound. I giving it a half hour more. They should've been here by now.
Do look cold?

Wow, it is so quiet in here. No wind. Deer feeding here. We heard them.
The sky is beautiful this a.m., no moon. It's freezing! Crockett not feeling well. No morning hunt for him.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I definitely have no patience in the afternoon in a stand unless I'm seeing something. And I definitely need to bring tissues next time. Clothing is just not cutting it. I know, yuck, but what is one to do?
This thing has lasted all day! Still warm.

I'm in at the crossroads stand with protein feeder. Love this stand but spooky coming in morning and dusk.

its VERY windy. Maybe 10+ mph. Wish it was quieter.

Look what Crockett made for me! So creative.

I'm no expert, but does this look like a rut to you?

Going back in my sleeve to keep warm.
This property is not like a deer lease where the deer is abundant. It's like a waiting game, hoping one sees something besides nothing.
I'm in at 48 degrees, perfect, no wind.

Friday, October 26, 2012

It's rut!!! Never seen it. Going to Broken Road now. I hope the wind dies down.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Something Different

Wouldn't you love to see me as a Paua Deen Blogger? I'm compelled to do this.
I believe I have what it takes to be one of Paula's bloggers, because I'm dedicated, hardworking, punctual and always complete a given given. I enjoy a challenge. I presently am a stay at home mom to 2 and a step-mom to five, with a love for cooking. I am constantly making what I call newbies. My family is not always excited about them, but sometimes we find one that I can add to my collection of favorites. I even got to see Paula in Houston last month which checked one off my bucket list! (we even shook hands, a bonus). I'm also focusing on becoming a book author, so being a blogger for Paula would be a great addition to my aspirations.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Okay, think we'll call it a day. Oh, and in case you were wondering I found the Snow White DVD.
Argh, so bored. I want to see something! Where are my step boys, Brennan and Dale?
Back in the stand. Didn't think I would but rain finally let up. Maybe stay an hour.
And now the wind!!! Bye. See ya next weekend!
So mad. Could've slept in on a Sunday. It is pouring.
My friend Luigi is back trying to get out of the rain. It's pouring now and thundering.

Unsure who's going to come out to play in this weather.
Didn't feel like wearing Sleestack mask again in this balmy morning. Crockett thought face paint. Looks like He had a lot if fun with it.

Rain stopped. I'm in and it's once again raining. The sky looks clear though. Maybe it'll blow over.
Might try to get out in an hour if weather changes.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Boys caught some fish today. Crockett cooking us up some fish, yum.
Phone is saying 8 mile an hour winds. I highly doubt that.
Crockett got out late to stand, around 5:30. Before he got to his stand he passed by my morning stand. Two does returned. One ran off the other watched him. I should do a sneak attack. I could you know.
This should've sent earlier. They're bacon now.
Geez, I'm basically at war with this yellow jacket right now. I'm aiming to get out of stand.You see him?
Why is it here!
A bee! I hate them!!
I'm in Far the afternoon. Is this Texas? Or Chicago? Geez, not fun for a hunt. I'm wasting time. Deer aren't going to come for sanctuary stand.
Ten minutes left. Oh, my butt!
Don't think much will be happening this am with the chain saw massacre happening in our backyard. Crockett hired some men for clean-up, ugh!
Look who's helping me hunt.

I want to shoot this freaking bow already! I do t care if I miss. Well yes I do. I just want to see if I can do it sitting down.
One door quickly came right in. Second doe scampered behind. It's very breezy out here. They stayed for 5 minutes.
Deader than a door nail out here.
I'm a sleestack! Lol. Not a fashion statement.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Crockett checked the hog trap. Two small hogs. That one brown and black one. Pictures tomorrow. Off to bed for morning hunt.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

You think we need a new cover? Lol. Crockett hunted out of this last night, hysterical. He said he tried to mend it and it disintegrated into his hands. Lol

You think we need a new cover? Lol. Crockett hunted out of this last night, hysterical. He said he tried to mend it and it disintegrated into his hands. Lol
Can't believe this wind is killing this hunt. Ugh, if I knew it was going to stay this windy I would've slept in!
I think I have less ass fat on my left cheek.
My Snow White DVD. I haven't been able to find it since they opened the vault. These are the things you think about up here.
Really starving!
Wind yesterday, wind last night, wind this morning. These deer have to be starving by now. I know I am!
Usually in 15 minutes is the bewitching hour. Please!
The wind is crazy bad. I didn't cut enough holes in my camouflage tarp for the stand. It feels like I'm going to blow away.

I'm in with my thermals on. Yes, thermals. 52 degrees this morning.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Almost 7 and it sounds like a pet shop out here. Five more minutes and I'm out of here.
He said they heard phone. What?
Now Crockett's telling me "hogs really". Not sure I believe him.
It's colder than it looks!
I'm dressing for winter tomorrow.
Come on deer I'm freezing!
He was kidding!!
Crockett has a spotted hog in crossroads stand! Nice.
I think I'm allergic to white onions. I know, focus!
Cold front is coming in. It's down to 68. Crazy. I'm cold.
Go to google, type in writingfromadeerstand and follow my blog so you don't miss put on feeds.
So if the young doe is the only one visiting should I take her? I will most likely switch to rifle November 1st. Bucks will be more easily spooked once rifle season begins. I will have a better chance with rifle.
Boy, it's windy.
Wow! Walked up to stand and found Ole under feeder! Had to wait. Crockett came 30 feet with 4 wheeler. What to do? Told Crockett would rather him come by on quad so I don't spook him getting to my stand. Now I'm in.
About 8:11 phone goes dead. So I start counting for time telling. Around 8:30 a deer comes out 65 yards away (my rangefinder tells me so). I couldn't tell, looked like Ole. It watches me then looks over and I believe gets spooked by the 4 wheeler that Crockett told me to move. I said I put it here yesterday. Well I should've listened! Should I tell him he was right? Hmm. . .
Guess I was wrong, no ones coming for breakfast.
Breeze is picking up.
You got to make sure you truly ignited these Thermocells. You think they're on but you know they're not when the Mosquitos are biting at all your exposed parts. Once it's on it's an unbelievable mosquito barrier. People should use them even if they're not hunting.

Should've charge my phone. 13% battery left. Let's hope we make it.
Not liking this quad stand. No room for feet. I'm literally on the edge. There is no room to stand even if I was properly strapped to tree. Definitely not a good bow stand. And can anyone make some elastic plastic so it can mild to my butt. Ugh, my butt bones!

I was so exposed yesterday. My blind had no covering, and I had oodles of activity. Today I'm covered and nothing!

Nothing yet.
They're coming!
Here I am. Crockett putting out some alfalfa and some apple pellets. I'm not sure I can shoot a bow while sitting in stand.

Friday, October 5, 2012

UNBELIEVABLE night! Positioned myself at first food plot. About 5:45, Brennan comes out with Dale peeking out of the woods. Brennan is phenomenal! I think he smelled me and calmly changed his mind about staying. Ten minutes later Ole pops out. Takes a few steps and then heads off in the boys direction. Ten minutes later a doe pops in. She stayed for an hour enjoying herself. I was hoping she stayed a's a decoy so the boys would return. Then in the distance i here antlers clanking! I felt like I was watching a hunting show. Never heard that sound live! I didn't move for the entire time. My butt was burning and my foot numb, but it all was so worth it!! See you in the a.m.
Water, water.
I'm dripping like a popsicle.
Came to ranch by myself for a few hours. My heart got thumping thinking about bow hunting. Got here and got myself prepared. Crockett has no idea. Went to crossroad stand. It's where I've seen the most action on cams. Bummed to see this.

Now I'm stuck on the new quad but I'm dripping from the sun beating on me. They're bound to smell me, and I'm so exposed! Crockett didn't prepare this one well.

They can see my every move with this bow.