Monday, May 30, 2011

Broken Road

So frustrated, wanted to do a bunch of posting from Broken Road and I left my phone home! Grr....Wil have to post pictures of the signs we posted. We got the mallards off on the property, but had a bit of a problem. They thought Crockett was their daddy. Our Fox Terrier and Lily (the Yorkie), thought they were hunting ducks. The Fox Terrier, Buster (sho is really not a hunter)waded 30 feet out into the lake, chased them back onto the property and caught one. Crockett headed him off and the mallard was not hurt. Poor things. Heading out there this coming weekend, so I hope you will follow.

Friday, May 20, 2011

What I'm reading now, thanks Julie.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy at the ranch this weekend. Put out seed on the food plots since the mice were enjoying their feast in our shed. Had to get ten bags out. Seems wasteful. Lily, my 4lb. Yorkie was pooped. She got attacked by fire ants, poor thing. I mowed, and caught some rusted barb wire in the blade. Davy Crockett was very understanding. Finished trim painting all rooms. One thing off the list. All good. Until next time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just finished on my Kindel. A wonderful read.


Well I'm back. Missed me? No I'm not hunting, but doing a ot of writing. My critique group, along with my new follower from Dunn's named Kevin, gave me the push needed to start blogging again. I'm going to try to write about my writing on Thursdays and blog about hunting/life stuff on Tuesdays. That's my plan. I'm usually good about following, wouldn't wan to disappoint anyone.

My one query has been getting a lot of takers, yet dropping after read. One agent didn't see it as a MG. Per agent request, I took my midde grade of 11,000 words down to 888 in four days. It was a cool challenge. Sent the new picture book off to the agent. Yesterday in her email, she felt there was not enough to support pictures. I took a hit, and felt bummed, but on the other hand, she is giving me another chance. I'm surprised and blessed at the same time.

My critique group lifted my spirits, and the same day I began a TOTALLY new picture book with the same premise, just a different story line. Brought it to critique today, the group LOVED it. Dee couldn't believe I was able to turn it around so fast. I left critique feeling good and relieved. The new picture book is at almost 600-words. I will take a week off from it, revise then send it back to the agent. If this pans out the way I hope, then it will be a terrific story to tell.