Sunday, November 24, 2013

Freezing!!! We're done. Going home empty handed.
Finger tips frozen even with gloves. Small doe came back with two others after feeder went off. They didn't stay long. If the rut was on they'd be good seduction. Crockett had some buck action but not good enough to take. Yes, I most likely threatened him before he went out.
In blind. Favorite with comfy business chair. It's COLD and drizzly. I don't have internet, so my live feeds might've delayed. We are aloud to shoot one buck and one spike off property per lease owner. No does aloud. My view.

Out for a spell at DD Ranch. Supposedly rut is going on. Hope, hope.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Double D Ranch

We thought we'd head out to our lease and add a stand so we can finally hunt on the property. I thought we'd be out tonight hunting, but it was too wet to get the truck down. Once we got there we saw a 8 pointer right in the gate. Crockett handed me his rifle to get him, but he bolted before we had the chance.

Once we parked, we were going to walk to the stand site. We were stopped by this grunting and ruffling of trees. We were sure it was a hog. To our dismay, it was a poor spike stuck in the fence line on the opposite side. It was terrible. His chin was all cut. Crockett went to find some wire cutters. As he was doing it the spike unhooked himself.

Left You Guys Hanging

Last weekend I left you guys letting you know a doe was in my space. She was very hungry, but wasn't comfortable enough to stay. Crockett told me two does were heading my way. They did show up, but came from the lake side. The bigger of the two was very alert and jotted out of the area before I could even eye her. She was an older doe. I could see her whiskers with the sunlight. Her counterpart quickly followed. I thought the evening was a loss.

As the sun was going down, the yearling came back. I hoped she'd bring the others back in. She was my decoy, because she brought the one previous doe in. She was a shooter, but not better than the older one I saw earlier. Low and behold, she comes up right behind the other. She was on alert, nosing around. She was alerting the others that we need to move on. The two other does were not having it. They were very hungry. So the bigger doe comes back with great hesitation. I knew I was taking her if I had the shot. She was my nemesis.

She stood to the side and I knew I had her. I shot. She kicked her legs out, like all deer do when shot and bolted out of sight. The others followed her. I felt I got her, but was unsure since she gave me crap to begin with. I heard her crashing through the woods.

Crockett text me asking if the shot came from me. He couldn't get down since he had an illegal buck, yearling in his area. My second favorite part is the find. I went looking for her. I couldn't see her anywhere. I was thinking, NO! It was getting dark quickly. I searched for blood. It took me awhile, but I finally found it.

I then followed the blood. I couldn't find her on my own. Crockett finally came to help. We re-tracked the blood and her tracks. She made us work to find her. We were thorned and scraped everywhere, but we found her. A huge doe. Heavy too.

We made it to the processors. It was jammed with hunters. Two of them got a pretty good buck. I didn't care I was happy with what I got. She was a prize doe.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Doe!

Was so jacked up. I looked up and there she was, a beautiful yearling. I wouldn't take her. Way too young.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Drop

Getting up at 4 am, driving 2.5 hours, and doing a second hunt with three hours sleep, can make one second in a nap very scary. A good 18 feet death defying scary. But I'm REALLY tired. Help!

A Drop

Getting up at 4 am, driving 2.5 hours, and doing a second hunt with three hours sleep, can make one second in a nap very scary. A good 18 feet death defying scary. But I'm REALLY tired. Help!


Just checked my blog and posts aren't showing up. I'm guessing poor internet connection. I'm reposting, so some will be out of order.
A shot scared me almost out of my seat. Crockett shots hog. 
Wind is picking up greatly. Weather man says we should have 15-20 mph winds. Won't be great for a evening hunt. Until tonight.

Hog Search Party

Bunch of ouchies with all those Briars.